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TSPS FOUNDER & HOST: ​Darrell M. Varney



Est. 2009


The Secret Poets Society was established in 2009 as a multi media publishing network and event host founded in Charlotte, NC. Since their humble beginning the S.P.S. mission was, "To unite poets of all background and genre of poetry. To publish the unpublished and give voice to poets, writers and musicians who without an outlet and or push may have otherwise remained unknown or silent."

The S.P.S. has done well to fulfill its mission by publishing multiple anthologies and newsletters while hosting more than 100 featured showcase events along with it's famous open mic nights delivering more than 50 first time poets, lyricists, mc's, singers, songwriters and musicians.

The S.P.S. along with its many affiliates look forward to the continuance of living up to this standard. They stand firm in their belief that within each and every individual lies a poet be them established in their art of wordcraft or undiscovered.  

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